#10 is a segment of the collaborative project, #30.

#30 is a culturally collaborative project that explores the unorthodox connection between sound and video bound by the simple theme of Separation. This project seeks to illuminate the process of creation by separating every aspect of normality. I have written 30 one minute pieces that will randomly be paired to one minute videos made by various artists and people.This results in an unpredictable outcome governed by chance.

#10 features 10 1-minute compositions by various artists from Australia and Singapore paired together with 10 of my own 1-minute compositions.

Videos in this piece by: Jonathan Choo, Lam Yong Jin, Kevin Leong & Eric Chiang, Caleb Quek, Jason Elijah Tseng, Cayn Borthwick (AUS), David Anthony (AUS), Georgia Bettens (AUS), Sarah Xie (AUS), Samuel Alderson (AUS)

#10 has been exhibited at Instinc Gallery Singapore and #30 at the George Patton Gallery, Melbourne (umsu.unimelb.edu.au/troika/) from the 9 – 19 September 2014.

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