Movement is a daily occurrence; from our pulse to the environment and even in our minds. Flux presents the interaction between past, present and future by interrogating space, memory and time.

Conceived by composer, sound and video artist Nigel Tan, this collaborative work features the improvisational choreography of Australian contemporary dancer Francesca Meale pieced together to Tan’s seven-part composition. Weaving together texture and abstract form, Flux is a dynamic mixture of disconcerted, chance-based elements within a convoluted minimalist structure. Depicted visually through dance and audibly through sound, movement is of ages and reacts personally, individually to our physical and inner being. This reaction is familiarized and intertwined by location, experience and people.

Flux is not just the flow of movement or random events but a representation of the choreography within our daily lives and encompasses all which are forgotten and remembered; that seeks to question our ideals and propose a new way of living. Change is not an archetype, it is the conscious desire for discomfort.

Shot in Melbourne, Australia

Flux was exhibited as part of the Zentai Art Festival’s Invisible Whole 3 group exhibition held at the Japan Creative Centre Singapore from 23rd May to the 5th of June 2015.


Francesca Meale graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) and recently completed a secondement at Australian Dance Theatre. In 2013 she was a member of Yellow Wheel Youth Dance Company directed by Adam Wheeler, performing in WeTube live (Dance Massive) and FX at Arts House Meat Market. Francesca has performed with the Melbourne Opera Company in seasons of The Merry Widow and Carmen and in Cerebral Cortex, a triple bill for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014. During her VCA studies she worked with numerous choreographers including Stephanie Lake, Rebecca Hilton, Lina Limosani and Nat Cursio, performing in Nat’s work Long Time At Sea. Francesca is currently working with Nat Cursio on the concept development for Tiny Slopes (Dance Massive residency, Malthouse 2015).

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