Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture from Nigel Tan on Vimeo.

Nature Nurture obsesses over the idea of nature versus nurture through the number 50, by combining 50 seconds of 50 unrelated videos (each a second long) paired with 50 seconds of unrelated sound merged into a random collage. Leaving a gap of black/nothingness and silence for another 50 seconds, the video will then be looped or restarted, creating a never-ending series of events that transports viewers into a hallucinogenic repetition of encounters which is too short to grasp.

This work explores obsession and distraction through the combination of repetition and flash imagery aimed toward the attention span of the current generation, mocking the socio-technological trend of using apps such as Vine, Instagram and Facebook.

This work is meant to looped.

Exhibited at the RMIT Grad Show 2015 and ’50 Obsessions’ group show in Lasalle College of The Arts Singapore

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