Artist Statement

My work primarily revolves around a theme that evokes curiosity through a multi sensory environment with the use of various mediums, blending form and texture to build layers within a chaotic structure. I use sound as a basis of my work, creating diverse sonic spectrums through experimentation, intuition and self-discovery.

I am inspired by the daily life. From thought and unanswered questions to the simple use of our senses, evaluating and understanding that which is around us. My main body of work delves into experimental and abstract form that explores everyday life through contrasting cultures, space and environment. These sonic spatial structures bring about a holistic awareness that is necessary to provoke thought in turn bringing about a change. This greatly influences my work as a composer.

I feel a connection between sound and visuals in an organic way that formulates into a reality that we are all familiar with. This creates an experience that challenges and opposes comfort by discovering something new through the unique process of interpretation. Coming from a film background, I am always seeking new ways to interconnect my ideas through audiovisual experimentation, taking away the usual approach to filmmaking. I want the simplicity of silence and a blank frame to speak the same as a piece of music paired with a narrative.

My main area of interest lies in the splendour and vastness of installation art. I feel the importance of creating works that are interactive, though static in appearance, by allowing audiences to participate through simple gestures, creating their own unique experience. The end result changes with each indeterminate gesture where every conscious choice is in accordance to the relationship with my work. This operates similarly to a performance where the interaction between artists and audiences are vital in creating a memorable experience.

Nigel Tan


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